Pioneers of lightness.

With SAY we’re demonstrating how we can manufacture carbon yachts with the latest technique in Germany that are ultra-light, fast and powerful – yet with a 50% less fuel consumption compared to other models in the same class.

The outstanding advantages of carbon fibre have made it very popular in aviation and aerospace, construction, motorsports and other high-end applications such as boatbuilding. Even the monocoque and other parts of Formula 1 race cars are manufactured out of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic. SAY uses reliable standard fibres from classes T300 and T700 with individual layer weights between 200 and 800 grams.

Thanks to the ultra-light weight  of each of our SAY models you can experience unique sports-carlike acceleration. It is a sensation indeed that you have to experience..

Our electrifying mission by pioneering yachting at a new level hast started successfully with the new SAY 42 and new SAY 45 RIB. These masterpieces are another breakthrough of low-emission cruising with high-performance handling. 

The man behind SAY GmbH and at the head of the boatyard is Karl Wagner, one of the most experienced carbon specialists in Europe. Before joining SAY, Wagner and his 700 employees at the company Carbo Tech were one of the largest producers of carbon-fibre-reinforced components for the automobile industry. Carbo Tech also manufactured components for Formula 1 and monocoques for race cars and super sports cars.

It is with this expertise that Wagner raised the quality standards and engineering at SAY to levels seen in the automotive world and optimised production with strict design plans, parts lists and work procedures. The result is an exceptionally well-trained staff who deliver boats with quality that is second to none anywhere in the world.

SAY Carbon Yachts designed also the world’s fastest production built electric boat: SAY 29E. This model holds the world speed record without competition. Thanks to the most innovative developer for e-mobility in Europe – Kreisel Electric – this model reaches a high-class performance of 360Kw. 

The future is now! What are you waiting for?
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