Electric boats are enjoying great popularity. Although there can sometimes be very long waits for a motorboat licence at large lakes, electric boat owners can start enjoying their watercraft immediately. Plus, customers are fascinated by these models’ drive technology and of course the fact that such boats are nearly silent and odourless, and are eco-friendly at that. Another great argument for purchasing an electric boat is quite simply the fact that internal combustion engines are no longer permitted on many inland waters.

SAY has innovative, sophisticated electric motorboat options: with top speeds of 48 knots (89 km/h), the SAY29 E is the current world record holder for fastest electric boat (series, 8-10 m). This achievement is the result of the SAY team’s engineering expertise and the best components. We rely on Kreisel Electric, a leading producer of battery systems, for the entire design of high-voltage technology and system integration that meets automotive standards. The SAY29 E is powered by two Brusa engines, each featuring a continuous output of 90 kW, which are connected to the Konrad Z-drive via a common shaft.

At a speed of 20 knots (37 km/h), the battery pack’s 120 kWh is sufficient for 30 nautical miles (55 km). An on-board charger replenishes the batteries completely within six hours.

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