Passionate boat builder and high-speed enthusiast Sven Akermannfounds  SAY and develops puristic, performance-focused sailing dinghies and catamarans made of carbon.
The advantages of this ultra-light material are put to use in motorboats for the first time. Highly-developed, extremely light and stable carbon hulls combined with modern engines allow a new dimension of acceleration and agility. Karl Wagner is impressed by this performance, which then leads him to SAY. Wagner is a plastics engineer and founder of Carbo Tech, a globally leading carbon specialist in racing, Formula 1 and series production of components for sports cars.
Karl Wagner and his team, along with investors from the automotive industry, take over SAY GmbH. New facilities are built in Wangen, Germany, and the focus shifts to making SAY boats even more efficient, not just in terms of performance in the water, but also lower fuel consumption.
SAY presents new designs, an expanded product portfolio, and a larger network of dealers. SAY boats are now available in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.
SAY builds the world’s fastest electric boat. With a top speed of 48 knots (89 km/h), the SAY29 E is in a class of its own. This boat uses drive technology from Kreisel Electric, the most innovative e-mobility developer in Europe. With peak output of 360 kW and a range of up to 55 km, this electric boat offers extreme luxury and comfort.
The first series model of the SAY29 E is delivered to Portier Yachts. Work on the new SAY42 progresses at full speed.